The band formed in 2001, starting from scratch. We worked hard to raise funds from jobs to start to purchase uniforms, stands, banners and music.

When the band formed our aims were to entertain the public and have fun enjoying playing together. We did this by playing a wide range of music  from old to new always to suit the audience listening to us . And always looking for different ideas , new events & forever updating the music repertoire .  


21 years on...... the band have continued to grow and develop. We have become a well established community band playing at Broadbottom Rememberance Day parade, local carnivals and fundraising events, as well as concerts and the occasional contest such as Whit Friday .  

 To see where we are playing next have a look at our engagement list.

In 2014 we bought a brand new set of concert jackets after 18 months of working hard to fundraise. We also recieved some kind donations to help us achieve our target amount.

Over the last couple of years we have raised more funds enabling us to refurbish existing instruments in the way of Eb Bass, Tenor Horn, & Baritone . Also we have purchased 2 Soveriegn cornets from Band Supplies & a Tenor Horn with money raised in any way we could.